Thursday, May 31, 2012

Track and Field

Here are some pictures of track and field yesterday. It was a nice day with a bit of a cool wind, which was just perfect. This weekend we start moving some boxes and things to our new rental in the city, and then I'm sure June will just absolutely fly by.

Brandon at the 100 M start line. There are some fierce competitors in his class. Go boys!

Jacelyn was more worried about smiling at me for most of her events. 

Brandon's favorite event, the standing broad jump

My little runner...came in first in the 100 M and second in the 400 M

Not Jacelyn's strongest event...ball throw

.......or Brandon's for that matter.

She placed first in High Jump as well... and just about knocked out the teacher on the  try before this picture when  she hit the pole with her foot.

6 year old girl group

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