Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dance, Gymnastics, Piano, oh My!

Here's Jacelyn's Tap routine from this past weekend's recital at Fame Dance Studios. She had a badly sprained wrist from falling from the top of the apparatus at school the Wednesday before. Because it was so swollen she favored it quite a bit. She also danced a Hip Hop number, which wouldn't upload for me for some reason.
 She's happy/sad that another year is over, but is excited for next year to begin as well. She'll be in festivals in Jazz and Tap, a Ballet Tech class as well as a stretch class. With Charlie in dance for the first time as well, next year will be busy with us at the dance studio 3 days a week.

Brandon's first piano recital was amazing...no mistakes, and he had a good time. We are so proud of him. He played three songs, one of them a duet with his teacher, and his nerves didn't get the best of him at all! A few days before he had his gymnastics recital and badge presentation as well. He received his Bronze badge, and is looking forward to entering CanGym next year as well as piano after we move to the city.

Good job my babies!

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