Monday, May 21, 2012

Home is for Healing

So after my sojourn to Rosetown and helping out at the farm and in town at gramma and grampa's new house, this is what I walked away with:
this handmade blanket that Grampa made,

these mukluks that gramma made herself, and are lined with flannel and wool (wow),

these old milk bottles that gramma painted,

this unused little crock pot for dips and other yummy treats,

this marble cheese or butter server, which is too nice to use everyday but is sentimental for me (xmas),
and a few more crafty things and such that I couldn't resist.  I had tears in my eyes a few times when we went through these memories, but the thing that made me cry was a silly set of soldiers made of wax that used to hang on the Christmas tree, back when the ornaments were all handmade by gramma and us kids. So I took those too.

It was a great weekend filled with laughs and memories and lots of hard work.

On the way home I stopped by a field, as I had my camera with me, and took some pictures. These were my favorite:

Today Mike and I celebrated our 12th anniversary as well as Mike's 35th birthday. Tomorrow will be Charlie's 3rd birthday. So much life is going on around me right now!

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