Saturday, November 17, 2012

House Build Post 6

Mobile blogging again I love technology even while I curse it.
Lots has been happening but I want to start off updating the house build. We finally have been getting some quotes coming in and I have been fine with some of them and amazed at others. Never before have I considered the amount of money it takes to light up one's home. Now I know. And I'm over budget on that. Thankfully some good news came in today about the flooring for both floors of the house and we are under budget there. Even with my subway tile backslash in the kitchen. I'm still waiting for the cabinet quote to come in and so far for the main floor the last count was at $14,000 and change. There is still a bar and double vanity to figure in there along with the pantry. We still have wiggle room as well as some budget left so I will hold my breath until Monday when the quote comes in.
And I'm not stressed out. Yet.
Part of that is because I had everything written down that I wanted and researched to get the most for our money. I'm thinking that any stress I may experience will be if something goes horribly wrong, such as the wrong carpet being installed which happened to a friend of mine.

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