Friday, October 26, 2012

House Build Post 5

Last night Mike stopped by the house to see what's been going on, and was happy to see the basement cleared of all the snow (a back breaking job for the builder and the bobcat got stuck and had to be pulled out by a fork lift).  He stepped into the basement and took this shot above his head...yay floor joists! And teleposts!!
In the upper right you can see the opening for the L-shaped stairway.
We stopped by the appliance store at the beginning of the week as the cabinet designers needed specs and measurements for cabinet openings.  That was fun, but easy, as we had new appliances a year before we moved here, and I was completely in love with them so we ordered the same Whirlpool Gold series.  Mike stopped by the store again last night and bought them all as well; the sale of 25% off was way to good to pass up when we were dropping thousands on appliances!  That was a nice bonus to be able to take that big bill down a notch.
I'm slowly ticking to do things off of my list, and that's a great feeling.

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