Tuesday, October 16, 2012

House Build Post 2

We drove by the lot last night to see what progress had been made, and the gravel has been spread and the walls of the basement are starting to go up.  The walls are 9 feet, as you can see with Mike standing next to one.  I know this will make the basement seem huge...but I'm thinking the house itself will seem so much taller with the extra height.  This extra foot means we go from a bungalow to a raised bungalow, not to be confused with a bi-level I'm told. :)

Monday, October 15
The kids running around picking out their bedrooms.
Standing in the future family room.
Tuesday, October 16

We also went to pick out the flooring today, and the vinyl sample below is  the actual color, but the Birch hardwood and the carpet are just samples of what we chose, not color.  I left the store feeling happy with our selection, and will need to go back there with my "Bible" of samples and ideas that I forgot to take today.


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