Thursday, October 18, 2012

House Build Post 3

Here are the final color choices we just decided on this afternoon.
We went with Maple cabinets, but if the price comes in too high for our cabinet allowance with the builder, I'll go with Alder as the stain looked great on either.  Alder is just softer, that's all, which means more dings over time.
The colors we chose are Espresso for the main cabinets and in the 3 bathrooms and the wet bar downstairs. The island will be done in Irish Cream, which has a natural glaze on it so I can skip that step (and price upgrade!). Also the butler's pantry will have this color.
The counter tops then are the same ones I picked over a year ago, as are the colors of cabinets, but it was nice to see them all together to make sure they tie in nicely.  I'm doing a  deep walnut quartz stone on the island and in the pantry, and the cream quartz stone on all the dark cabinets.
Then in the picture also are the actual samples of the flooring, minus the vinyl which was loaned out to someone else, and the wall color with the darker trim and door color butted up against the carpet in the middle.
I have to say I'm so excited right now to have these choices out of the way!  I had every sample and color variation in my "Bible" and most of the designers we've seen can't believe how organized I am.
Well, that's so that I don't go crazy when the time came to pick out the actual product!  I needed to focus on the end result, and I can't do that with thousands of variations of the same colors staring at me.  We had everything chosen pretty much before we thought about building!  And now I can start to relax and just let it all happen.
The Bible

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