Thursday, June 28, 2012

We're In!

We're officially in the rental in Lloydminster, and the last thing we loaded in and put away last night were the groceries I had to buy.
It is cozy and full, but not quite cramped, which is more than I could ask for. 
I am still nervous about living on this side of the city, and being from a small town all my life it will take getting used to living here.  In the long run it is for the best, and our cozy living arrangements are just temporary; once we are settled into urban living life will progress as usual I'm sure!

This is our bedroom, and besides the bruises on my shins from hitting the new foot board I'm loving the new furniture. You can't see from this picture but there are two nightstands yet in the room!  I finally got everything unpacked last night, and was able to close the closet doors for the first time.

Here is the living room; our loveseat is downstairs.  It is very tight, and I feel a little claustrophobic in there sometimes...I will be on the kids to keep it tidy at all times or it will make me insane.

Another view of the living room...the 50 inch is waaaaay too big for the room, but nothing I can do about that, and the new house will fit the TV in the family room just fine.

The bathroom; again, cozy, and you will get sick of me using that word as it's the only positive description I can come up with when I'm living in an 800sq foot home with a family of 5.  Storage in the bath was an issue, but with the use of some organizing wire racks under the sink I was able to fit in everything we all use.  No buying in bulk anymore for me...sorry Costco!

 Jacelyn and Charlie's room was a challenge for a few reasons:
1. Sharing a room with Jacelyn is difficult as she still hasn't mastered the idea of sharing.
2. Storage for two little girl's paraphernalia.
3. Sleeping arrangements with two beds and two dressers and bunk beds being out of the question as Jacey sleepwalks.

So this is what we did: Jacelyn has a day bed, which we kept and will be Charlie's new bed once we move to the new house and Jace can get a double bed.  We sold Charlie's mate's bed (sniff, bye bye storage) and dresser and Mike built her a trundle bed that slips under Jacelyn's bed.  This is the trundle bed put away in the day:

...and the bed pulls out at night, and I just scoot it over to the other wall where the dressers are.  So far it's wonderful and they have room to play during the day.  Hopefully it won't wear on my nerves as the months go on, but I think the knowledge that they have room to play will override that.

And the kitchen is probably the only place I don't feel suffocated in; it's bright and actually spacious.  We bought a small table from the Restore for 20 bucks and put our large dining room set in storage.  Hey, it works!

The owner of the house let us put up some shelving over the big open space above the stove, which will mean diligent cleaning practices up there as us women know how quickly that area can get "hairs" growing from the ceiling!  But nothing could really be helped as we just have so much crap.

Ah, and yes, the bone of contention, the cereal area on the fridge.  That will most likely change as just looking at it makes the OCD in me rear it's ugly head.

Here's the basement; after almost 4 inches of rain on Tuesday we had water in the corner.  Known to the owner, I'm sure, but not to us, as the neighbor told me the owner's dad meant to bring the grade up next to the house but didn't get around to it.   So, with all of our stuff there piled in the corner, I was a little worried, but we will get it taken care of.  It helps that the owner of the house is a friend of ours, so we'll just give her a call.

Brandon's room is downstairs as well, and he loves it.  A bonus as he doesn't want to live here in Lloyd.  And the Kijiji furniture find is perfect too...there is a nightstand on the other side of the dresser yet with his TV on it, and he holes himself in there with a movie until he decides to crawl back out again!

The laundry room is nice and big, and the machines are next to new and I've gotten a few loads done already!  Lots of storage, and our canned goods and another fridge is around the corner to the left as well!

The downstairs bathroom is a little scary, but it works and that's the important thing.

I forgot to take a picture of the huge storage room that has our wine rack in it, as well as the rest of our stuff deemed not important enough to unpack, such as extra bedding, crystal stemware, pictures, and stuff like that.  On the other hand, with so many stacks of rubbermaid tubs looking so unseemly, I guess keeping the storage room our dirty little secret is alright with me!

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