Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Blues

After spending this year's flu season being smug about our house missing all the action, we seem to have picked up a bug on the weekend.
Not a major war-waging flu, but a small 12 hour bug that is wreaking havoc on our tummies and a strange nagging headache that pills won't knock out.
Brandon stayed home last Friday with it, and then Jacelyn was complaining of the headache and queasiness as well, although nothing came of it. Then I took a turn myself Saturday night and that odd headache lasting all of Sunday; migraine medicine couldn't even break through it. And then poor Mike looked at me this morning and said, "I don't feel good" with that sad man-sick look in his eyes. I got him pumped full of pepto pills and sent him off to work, sent the kids on their way to school, at which time Charlie decided to puke on my feet.
Ahhhh. Like I said, it seems to pass quickly, as she was hitting the ground running right after, and has since eaten a marshmallow cookie, a banana, a glass of milk and some grapes.
Today with a foggy feeling in my brain and tummy still not quite right, I have stripped the beds, remade a few of them, and scrapbooked...all while watching Charlie prance around the living room dancing to songs on the "Labyrinth" movie, which is currently her new favorite.
And still I'm smug...if this is the worst it will get then the flu shot is worth all the hassle it brings each year in the fall.

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