Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Fame" Dance Pictures

Something that was new to me this year was putting on the proper makeup on Jacelyn for pictures and then again on recital day. I'm used to picture day being on recital day, therefore only dressing up and applying makeup once. But she did great, and sat for an entire movie length for me to do her hair. Yes it took an hour and a half to curl all that hair. It was cute in the end, and she liked bobbing around to feel it bounce. A lot of parents used hair pieces and wigs I noticed last night, probably so that they didn't have to put their kids through all the curling and bum-numbing sitting. But I like the natural look of Jacelyn's own hair so she'll just have to suffer. The makeup thankfully only took less than 10 minutes, most likely because I use it all everyday and so I sped through pretty well. Recital day is two months away and already I'm so excited to see all the kids dance on stage. Jacelyn never practices her hip hop routine at home, but her feet are constantly tap-tap-tapping around the house on our hard laminate. I suppose that is a sign, and I won't be putting her in hip hop next year. She loves to tap and she loves Jazz as well, and so we will stick with those. She also wants to get into gymnastics, ever since her friend invited Jacey to watch during friendship week at the gymnastics club. Ah big plans for the "big city".

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