Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bring on the Renovations

Well, we have started updating the outdated 80's vibe that we had going on in the house, making it ready for springtime showings when we list the house this spring. It is a bit of an undertaking, but we knew that in order to sell the house the interior would have to be finished off properly...and that means new doors, trim, carpet in the master and some painting.

three new doors down, two left to go!

new carpet in the master and walk in closet!

 And some painting was definitely needed in the basement, even though it seems like we just did all of that not too long ago! The kids are famous for their "Bombs Away" attempt at cleaning up toys...and throwing them down the stairs. The spackle job was huge, and I walked around filling forever. Mike sanded the other day, and we'll give it all a fresh coat of paint. The rest of the house is painted with Ralph Lauren paint, which is no longer available, and so color matching is pretty much out of the question. Which is probably ok, considering the next owners will want to repaint anyways to make the house their own.

oh the holes, holes, holes, HOLES!

whiter is brighter...especially in a dark hallway

So, with a few more doors left to put on, and trim for the rest of the house (the living room is the only room finished so far), and the little bits left over like some new face plates and other aesthetics, we will be ready to take some pictures and put the house on the market. If anyone you know is wanting a 1500 square foot 4 bedroom house in Maidstone, be sure to send them our way!

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