Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mobile blogging tonight. I'm so lazy.

I'm trying out this mobile blogging thingy again where I send the post as an email to my blog account. Bear with me if it doesn't work.
What a crazy busy summer this has been. Last week was hopefully the last of it and now I should be able to catch up on boring things. Like housework, laundry, and reading.
And sending my kids to my in-laws is the perfect way to end a great summer holiday.
I admit I do feel a bit guilty about feeling so elated at the idea of shipping them off. It's not like they are bad, but after spending so much time together this summer mommy needs a holiday too.
The best thing about that idea is four days in a row of quiet. Oh, the quiet! I will really enjoy all that noise-less quiet. Of course Charlie will still be here running amok but that is soooo entirely different than:
"MOM!! He's touching me! She's wrecking my stuff! He's in my room again! She sneezed on me!"
There's no need to go on. The problem with it all isn't that they are bad or abnormal. They are just being kids. The problem is that mommy's boiling point has been reached, and I believe that there is only so much that a mom can handle listening to.
So off they will go, and I'm planning on enjoying myself at the lake one day, and going to the Blueberry Festival in St. Walburg to hear my friends' children sing. That to me is a fabulous way to cap off August.
On another note we have met with the builder we hired to build our house, and now the plans have been emailed off to the designer to have the changes redrawn. Things are finally happening, and I will be counting on all of you, my fine readers, to help me make up my mind should I need it!
Of course I will blog the entire thing from start to finish, and so you will be with me through it all. I'm so excited!
The first dilemma that we had to solve was making the house fit on the lot we picked. Which meant squishing the design in by a foot, and making up for it by lengthening the house by a foot. Same square footage in the end but I'm crossing my fingers that it won't make my already small living room long and skinny. And we all know what it's like trying to furnish a long skinny living room. Not many options for furniture placement with an entry and stairwell on the same wall opposite a fireplace. Hmmm, we will have to see. And that was only the first problem! There will be many more I'm sure.


  1. I'm so excited to see your house when it's finished sis! You waited so long and you deserve it

  2. It'll be great....and a head ache at the same time! LOL.