Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Lundbeck says cancer drug approved in Canada

Reuters – 22 hours agoCOPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Danish pharmaceutical group Lundbeck said on Tuesday it had received approval from Health Canada for its cancer treatment Treanda which is used to treat two common types of cancer including lymphocytic leukemia.

Lundbeck said the move would substantially strengthen the group's growth outlook, but kept its full-year guidance intact.

It said it expected Treanda would be available to physicians and patients in Canada during September.

(Reporting by Mette Fraende; Editing by Dan Lalor)

This news was so exciting to me...approval for cancer fighting drugs has been so difficult for the companies who have discovered cures for some types of cancer.  The big problem with it all comes down to the conspiracy theory that pharmaceutical companies are not wanting cures to be found as they are making a lot of money on the cancer patients who already have prescriptions for chemotherapy drugs, steroids, and others their doctors prescribe.  Is this truly a conspiracy theory?  I don't know, but I have read alot of documents and have seen documentaries that suggest otherwise.  They mainly focus on the leaders of drug breakthroughs who's frustration always comes through on how "big pharma" won't approve their cures due to the millions and millions made on those who are suffering with the disease already.  Think about it: if every cancer patient was cured, how would they make all those millions?  It is a sad thing to try to understand; the absolute disregard for humankind while big pharma plays God.
I personally believe there is a cure for cancer out there, not just because I want to believe it in memory of all those I have loved and lost to cancer.  But because I want to believe it for the safety of my children and their children also.

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