Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Swan Creek = Sweet Goodness.

If you all have never ever smelled the scents provided by Swan Creek Candles, you are missing out. They are made out of soy, and so last longer and burn cleaner than wax.
I bought some when we were in Calgary at Bass Pro Shop, and they are my new favorite candles. Anyone who knows me knows about my love for candles, and in fact I sold Partylite while living in Moose Jaw.
The candles I got came in a reusable enamelware jar with a lid, like above, in a Gingerbread scent.
I'm telling you, I never even had to light it for the first two weeks. It smelled that good in my house...not overpowering, but enough that the kids always wanted to know what I was baking.
Now that I've burned out the one on my window ledge, I have one more in Cinnamon Bowl in my bathroom. I can order more from the Calgary Bass Shop, but the experience of shopping for yummy scents like Lemon Meringue or Cinnamon Buns will be sorely missed.
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