Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here comes the Bride

This past weekend we went to my cousin Sheena and Dan's wedding in Biggar. It was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, and she was beautiful too. We stopped in the next morning to watch them open their gifts before they went on their honeymoon in B.C.
The ceremony was nice and short, and could have also ended up on America's Funniest Home Videos if my aunt hadn't seen that the junior groomsman, my cousin's son and her grandson, was puffing his cheeks out like he was going to hurl. Leslie, his mom, rushed to the front to quickly lead him down the aisle to the bathroom, and he did indeed faint while in there. Poor guy..he wasn't well the night before and was pooped out to boot. And then there was my daughter, miserable with a throat infection, yelling, "my eye, my EYE" after she poked herself in the eye. I was so embarrassed. I hope it was still perfect for her anyways.
And the hall was so simple and elegant...exactly what Sheena was going for I imagine. She and her mom made all the decorations, and the feather bouquets, and the centerpieces. It was all just so dreamy.

the cake and toss bouquet. loved the grey/purple theme and feathers.

They danced the night away and when it came time to toss the garter, Dan, blindfolded of course, had his head under Sheena's dress...only to find out the garter was missing! Everyone laughed but Sheena was left wondering where the hell the garter had gone to, or fallen off at. Later that night, an hour or so later, it was found and the toss was repeated. It was a great time with lots of laughs.
We wish them all the best as husband and wife.

here comes the bride...

rose balls and crystal chandeliers

the head table

one of the centerpieces, which was what the tossed bouquet looked like

Sheena's feather bouquet...so unique I've never seen one before.

the cards box my aunt made...so quaint and cute

the happy couple

the bridesmaid's bouquet

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